Definitions of some film stuff

Mise en Scene- The arrangement of all elements of a scene e.g props, scenery etc. The visual arrangement of everything in the frame

Lighting- The way a shot or scene is lit- usually used to communicate an idea to the audience 

Symbolism- When an object or entity in a film is used to represent an idea

Camera shots- Different camera shots are used to communicate different ideas or moods about the subject matter from different perspectives

Sound-Everything the viewer hears in a movie- dialogue, music sound effects. Diagenic- not added Non-Diagenic-added in

Dialogue- A conversation between two or more characters. If there’s only one person its a monologue. An essential part of most movies

Voice over/narration-Voice overs can be used to give the viewer an idea of whats going on in a scene that would otherwise not make sense, can also be used to let the viewer know what the narrator is thinking

Music-Music can be used to add a dramatic effect or music can also be used to set the mood

Montage- Can be used to cover the progression of something that happens gradually over a shorter amount of time, to keep the pace from slowing down

Flashbacks-Flashbacks are used to show the characters past, which can help the viewer understand why they are like they are at the present point for example why there is conflicts between certain characters.

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